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Fake ID Australia –

There are currently only three websites offering Australian Fake ID’s. Any website not on this list offering Australian Fake ID Cards is a scam. 

Fakies Australia (review here)

  • The only one of the 3 sites that is shipped from within Australia so you won’t have to worry about customs or a long delay in ordering. These cards aren’t duplicate licenses but are very visually similar to the real thing. They are produced by a Fargo HDP5000 ID printer so the quality of the cards themselves is identical to the quality of legitimate cards like drivers licenses and credit cards.
  • Pricing: $60 AUD inc shipping. Payment options: Bank Deposit, Cash, Australia Post Money Order, Bank Cheque.

  • Formerly known as Fakeid.TV. These guys are the only ones to make legitimate Victorian Drivers Licenses. They have the clear strip just like the real one, feature the official Hologram and the date of birth sticks out (embossed) just like the legitimate drivers license. Ships from outside of Australia with a 1-2 week delivery time. Will fool 99% of people. 
  • Costs 200 USD (Around $270 Australian). Discounts for group Orders. Only accepts Bitcoin. Read our guide on how to pay with bitcoins here.
  • Click here to see pictures and read our detailed review of their cards. (currently not taking new orders)

  • These guys make NSW drivers licenses. While they’re not quite as high quality as the Victorian Cards offered by FakeIDAustralia, they’re more realistic than Fakies Australia. The hologram is the same as the official NSW Drivers Licenses. They offer P’s and Gold Licenses.
  • $150 for P’s. Discount for group orders. $250 for Gold Drivers License. No Group discounts for these. Only accepts Bitcoin. Read our guide on how to pay with bitcoins here.
  • Click here to see pictures and read our detailed review.
American Fake ID


The main websites selling Fake ID’s to the US market are: – Considered the king of american fake id cards. Supplies id’s for 16 different US states including Florida, South Carolina, etc. $100 for one card, shipped from China so takes 2-3 weeks 


KingForge.Org – Only makes id cards for 3 states – Florida, North Carolina, Illinois. But they are the cheapest legit US cards starting at only $65 US. Ships out of china and also takes 2-3 weeks

Fake IDs in Australia

Fake IDs (counterfeit identifications) have been around in many different forms for decades. They have many applications and are referenced in popular culture regularly, most often synonymous with underage teenagers looking to get into venues before they’re of age in their home countries. Gake IDs serve many purposes beyond sneaking 17 year olds into bars, and are often used in films and television shows which have spy, thriller or espionage themes. However, getting and using a fake ID is not quite as easy as they make it look in the movies – just look at what happened to McLovin’ in Superbad!


If you’re looking to purchase a fake ID in Australia, it’s important to do your research to make sure you’re not going to get scammed. There are many companies who will willingly take your money but never actually send you an ID – and if this occurs, there’s nothing you can do to get your money back. Look for customer reviews, a social media presence and an Australian-based company so you can rest easy knowing your money is not being sent into a scamming abyss.

There are many ways you can obtain a fake ID, and the introduction of the Internet has only made this process easier. Companies are now even advertising through methods such as Facebook to access their prime buying demographic and encourage a purchase. Customers have many purchasing options at their disposal, including state level IDs covering every area of Australia (such as a NSW proof of age card, Queensland driver’s license or Victorian driver’s license).

Other uses for fake IDs in Australia include getting tattoos, purchasing alcohol or cigarettes and entering venues without revealing your name. People obtain fake IDs for many reasons, even when they’re overage. Fake IDs have many applications in Australia and internationally.

Australia’s legal drinking age is 18, which is much younger than the United States legal drinking age of 21. This means that US teenagers are more likely to try and obtain a fake ID for the purpose of drinking and access to venues compared to their Australian counterparts, who are able to enter over-age venues much earlier.

If you’re considering a fake ID, make sure you know you’re buying from a reputable source. Certain fake ID uses are illegal, so weigh your local laws and government restrictions up when looking at your purchasing options so you can make an informed decision. Read more: