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Fake ID WA Bust

Two males arrested while usingĀ  Western Australian fake IDs to gain access to “schoolie” zone


Two 21-year-old males have been arrested by South-West Police for the manufacture and use of Western Australian fake IDs and documents to gain wristbands allowing access to restricted areas designated for school leavers.


The pair travelled from Perth with the intent of participating in “schoolies”, annual week long parties for high-school leavers. People attempting to participate in such events despite no longer being of high-school age are often referred to as “toolies”. Access to the events is often restricted by wristbands.


According to Inspector Geoff Stewart the suspects used the forged documents and identification to illegally obtain wristbands and entry. Police apprehended one suspect at the scene, while the other suspect was arrested at his lodgings.


The suspects have been returned to Perth while awaiting trial for benefit by fraud, an offence which carries a maximum penalty of 2 years in prison for when prosecuted in local courts and 10 years at the federal level.


In an unrelated incident, four teenagers have been charged and another four cautioned on drugs related offences connected to the possession of cannabis and methamphetamines.

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